Kinesthetic texting…

I don’t ask students today whether or not they use ‘texting’ (i.e., Short Message Service). They do. An inordinately large percentage of students today prefer to text message as opposed to emailing or even to talking on the phone.

Instead, I ask whether they text mostly from a stationary position (i.e., from a sitting position or from a position lying on their beds, etc)… or whether they text from a position of movement (i.e., a standing position or while walking, etc)…

The difference here is significant.

Students who text from standing positions or while walking are Kinesthetic learners.

Assuming ‘Kinesthetic learners’ occupy a spectrum of degree, as we must, further ‘testing’ to determine the extent of each individual student’s Kinesthetic inclination is important. However, this is quite simply the easiest and quickest diagnostic tool we’ve had for identifying the learning style of a particular group of individuals.

We should be using it now as a matter of course and discussing how best to apply the knowledge to the benefit of both these learners (and their less Kinesthetic peers).

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